This site exists to serve both the traveler, the new resident, and those who already live in Portland that do not know of other means to access gay service information.

For the traveler:
We want you to enjoy your stay here in our wonderful city and want to assist you in finding whatever it is you need, as quickly as you can. And we certainly hope you will return to our great city..

For the new resident, as well as the long-term resident:
We all have needed a lawyer, cleaner, car dealer, bookstore, bar, or whatever and may not know where to turn. We are here to fill-in the gap that the Yellow pages have left.  We also want you to know which businesses out there are OPENLY gay-owned, gay-operated, those that are VERY gay friendly, and those that are OK. We feel that one major thing we have is buying power and we should use it wisely to support the members of our own community and those who support our community.
Portland is an old seacoast town. It is a funky city filled with galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops, and incredible restaurants serving everything from traditional New England clam chowder to nouveau cuisine. Portland is the banking capital of northern New England, home to major international law firms, import/export companies, and modern high-rise office buildings.

Portland has one of the finest and busiest dredged deep-water harbors on the Atlantic Coast, providing excellent berthing for vessels of all sizes. Portland is one of the few working waterfronts left in the United States and since 1998, has become the largest seaport in New England in terms of cargo tonnage, the second largest fishing port in New England, and the 20th largest fishing port in the U.S. Portland is also the second largest oil port on the East Coast and the largest foreign inbound transit tonnage port in the United States! Portland also has the largest bascule type bridge in North American with a 196 foot horizontal span than can handle the widest vessels at the upriver terminals.

Portland is Maine's largest city with 66,000 full time residents; however it swells to 2 million if one includes annual visitors and part-time residents. Visitors come by car, train, airplane, and boat. Each year, Portland harbor hosts an average of over 206,000 international passengers; approximately 41,000 passengers on 40 cruise ships and an additional 165,000 passengers on the Scotia Prince.

At every turn, Portland is an experience for everyone.
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Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against AIDS
If speaking with our Votes does not work, then we need to speak with our dollars.
There are now 17 states that have passed legislation banning gay marriage. If the people in those states do not want to recognize us for the people we are then we need to see them as the people they really are, people that do not want us around.  So, OK lets not be around them.  I am asking all of us that can possibly do it to restrict your business and travel to the states that have turned their backs on us. They are: Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, Louisiana, and Hawaii. The worst offenders are those states that not only have outlawed same-sex marriage but also ban any recognition of civil unions, and they are: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Utah. We have spoken before about this type of thing hurting our brothers and sisters that own businesses in these states, but they need to bring pressure to their legislatures and supreme courts to assist in the turn-over of these laws. It will only get worse if we do not act now, and let those states know that the reason that you are not there is because of these types of laws. Join the fight, vote with your dollars and support these National Companies, that support our community, it is the only thing that some people understand.
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